Turkey's First Superhero is Saving the World

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Turkey’s First Superhero is Saving the World! The future of our planet is in danger. Turkey’s first Superhero SüperCan is coming to save the world from evil robots that are destroying the trees and polluting the environment. In this environment themed game, SüperCan fights against evil robots from space who come to destroy the world by cutting down our trees. SüperCan is assisted by Marvel’s legendary heroes Spider-Man, Iron Man and Hulk in this difficult mission.  The Hero of Heroes: SüperCan SüperCan is 8 years old and a very smart and inquisitive child.

Discovering his surroundings and building interesting machiens with tool that he finds is his passion. His most important weapons are the laser sword he made himself and his rocket that enables him to fly. Can is also able to use a “topron shooter”. Another reason that he is “super” is that he does not wait to grow up to protect nature. He warns those who throw garbage on the street, he picks up plastic bottles he sees on the ground and throws them into the garbage can and he throws the paper he uses and old newpapers in his home into recycle bins. And now he fights against robots that cut down trees and saves the world. 

The Huge Success of the SüperCan Game The SuperCan Game, is a high quality project that has been designed entirely in Sobee Studios in Turkey with Turk Telekom’s support. SuperCan’s design, graphics, animations and infrastructure are just as good as any game that is designed overseas and it has been created to not only develop children’s hand and eye coordination, but also to infuse them with environmental awareness and self-confidence. The SuperCan game has reached a success rate of record level since the day it became active. It was downloaded more than 800 thousand times in its first week. The game, which attracts the attention of not only children but also of adults, has more than 55 thousand fans on Facebook at the moment.